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Laser surgery has many benefits over traditional surgery for many procedures.  The laser can be used for many procedures that we previously used a scalpel or scissors.

How It Works:

Laser is an intense beam of light that instantly vaporizes (cuts) a precise area of tissue while simultaneously sealing nerve endings and blood vessels.  This results in less bleeding and pain for the patient.

The Benefits:

Less pain - By sealing nerve endings and causing less bleeding and swelling pets will be less painful after laser surgery.
Less bleeding - The laser seals small blood vessels as it cuts through tissue, resulting in less bleeding which allows for shorter surgery time and diminished pain.
Less swelling - Since only a small focused beam of light contacts the tissue instead of a scalpel or scissors, trauma to tissue is decreased.  In addition, by sealing blood and lymphatic vessels post-operative swelling is diminished.  This results in less pain and a quicker recovery.
Reduced risk of infection - The risk of infection with most elective surgery is very small, but the heat of the laser kills bacteria and other microorganisms reducing the chance of infection even further.
Quicker recovery - Because of all the above effects, use of the laser results in a quicker recovery and return to normal activity.

Speak with one of the doctors of the Broad River Animal Hospital to determine if laser surgery may benefit your pet.