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Our searchable Pet Health Care Library is from the Veterinary Information Network. VIN is the oldest and largest online veterinary community. VIN provides Broad River Animal Hospital with access to thousands of specialists in every field of veterinary medicine every day. Their library contains articles on any topic that might concern your pet's healthcare. Scroll to the bottom of this page to access the library.

In addition, we have provided a list of common conditions and websites that might be of interest to you. For common conditions we have provided direct links to articles in the library and other helpful websites about the topic. Some of these websites are written by laypersons, not veterinarians. Even on trusted veterinary websites, always verify any information with the doctors of the Broad River Animal Hospital before applying treatments, supplements or other recommendations to your pet

Diabetes Mellitis

VIN Diabetes Center

Chronic Renal Failure (Chronic Kidney Disease)
VIN Chronic Renal Failure center - This is an unbelievably informative website which we highly recommend, but it is written by a layperson so be sure to check with the veterinarians at Broad River Animal Hospital before following any of the advice from it.

Indoor Cat Enrichment - Although keeping your feline friend indoors is highly recommended by veterinarians as the best way to keep them safe from injury, parasites and many infectious diseases, indoor cats are susceptible to a variety of conditions and behavior issues due to their more sedentary indoor life. Here are guidelines directed to keeping your indoor cats happy and healthy.
Indoor Cat Initiative - The Ohio State University

New Puppy Information - Every prospective new dog or puppy owner should visit this website authored by veterinary behaviorists prior to aquiring their new pet. Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) - a non-profit organization of veterinarians and other health professionals dedicated to keeping pet owners and their families and pets safe from pet parasites and other infectious diseases.  

FDA Online Pharmacy Buyer Beware Information Video and Webpage 

Training Your Pet to Love Nail Trims Instruction and Video - it really works! - sign up for email or text reminders so you don't forget your pet's daily, weekly or monthly medications!

Canine Influenza in dogs - FAQ's

General Information Veterinary Websites
American Animal Hospital Association - Healthy Pet

American Veterinary Medical Association

Small Mammals
House Rabbit Society-an extensive website of pet rabbit information including diet, care, disease and behavior.
Critter City-an extensive website of pet rat information including diet, care, disease and behavior.