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Dog Parks

One of the reasons many people live in Norwalk CT is due to the number of dog parks we have in our city. It's a great place for dog owners to enjoy! Both the spring and summer seem to be very popular times for dog parks so, Broad River Animal Hospital wanted to offer up 10 important safety tips:

  1. Does your pooch like to play in groups?  The experience can be overwhelming for a newbie. Many dogs prefer to play one-on-one, so be sure to make your first visit to the part when small groups are around so, the dog doesn't become overwhelmed.
  2. Has your best friend ever lunged at or tried to bite an unfamiliar dog-either during play or during an introduction? If so, the dog park is not for you. Repeated opportunities to lunge and snap only encourage aggressive behavior. These experiences will not socialize your dog and will put him and others at risk. Instead, arrange a play date. Consider having your dog evaluated by a veterinary behaviorist or contact Broad River Animal Hospital in Norwalk for a consult to help guide you towards success.
  3. While in the park, keep your eye on your dog at all times. If your pooch is trying to escape, or if he's pursuing a dog that's trying to get away, he needs your help.
  4. Recognize some common signs of stress: Dogs pant when they're hot or playing hard, but also when they're distressed. Tucked tails, big hair, ears pinned back, attempts to escape or hide and growling or snarling when approached are all signs that your dog needs a break.
  5. Small dogs can resemble prey, especially when they're running. If you have a small dog, be sure to keep your dog with other smaller breeds. This will protect them from any possible harm.
  6. Carry Spray Shield, a citronella spray that was designed to interrupt a fight and can be safely used in an emergency. It can be picked up at most any pet store - just in case of a possible emergency situation.
  7. Remove all collars except breakaway collars when your dog is running free.
  8. Toys can easily trigger a serious flight. Please do not bring toys or play fetch or tug unless your dog is the only dog at the park. Most people forget this and often it becomes an issue at the park.
  9. Dog parks are not for everyone. If your pooch is not a party animal, consider joining a dog-friendly walking group, such as Meetup.com it's a great site that offers breed specific groups doing activities together in your area.
  10. Many dogs can get aggressive over food and treats so be mindful not to overdue the treat giving at the park. Also, don't feed them often if they are running around because it can cause choking, bloat or other issues. Don't forget your water bowl. Not all dog parks have water so, always carry a bowl in your car.

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Pet Cancer Awareness

What should you know? Cancer is a broad term used to describe cells within the body that are growing and dividing in an abnormal manner and rate. Healthy cells go through a cycle in which they grow and divide as the body needs new cells. Abnormal cells grow and divide at uncontrolled rates, often forming tumors or growth masses on your pet. Not all masses are cancerous. Often these growths are benign (non-cancerous) or in some cases, malignant (cancerous). Please note, in some cases cancer cells do not form a growth or mass on the exterior of a pet’s body. Instead they affect your pet’s blood which circulates with abnormal cells throughout the body.

Early Warning Signs of Pet Cancer

  • Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Weight Loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Offensive odor
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing
  • Hesitation to exercise or loss of weight
  • Persistent lameness or stiffness
  • Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating

Don’t worry; Broad River Animal Hospital is here to help! As a pet owner you understand the dangers of possible pet health issues and are responsible for providing responsible care. Pet cancer occurs more often in larger breed dogs and pure breed cats. If you think your pet may have an issue with cancer we can help you with treatment options. It’s best to make an appointment with our hospital and come in for a consultation. Our mission is to protect your pet against possible life threatening problems. Wellness visits during the year help us pre-determine the current status of your pet’s health and protect them from possible high risk health issues.


Broad River Animal Hospital is a Certified Cat Friendly Practice
Broad River Animal Hospital is the only Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) in Norwalk, CT. Broad River Animal Hospital’s designation as a Cat Friendly Practice by The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) insures that Broad River Animal Hospital is committed to improving the health and welfare of cats by supporting and practicing guidelines which have been established by the AAFP. 

In the United States there are more cats owned than dogs, yet cats visit veterinarians less frequently. Contributing to the decrease in cat visits is the stress associated with getting cats to the veterinary practice and owners who are unaware of the wellness and preventative care needed for the pet. Owners often perceive their cats as being more self-sufficient than dogs and needing less preventive care. In fact, cats are prone to many silent diseases such as dental disease, kidney and heart disease; they frequently hide their pain very successfully even from the most astute owners and often don’t show any signs of illness until their condition is very advanced or even fatal. Veterinarians can often detect these conditions early on, alerting owners to their pet’s hidden pain and provide management of hidden disease so the pet can live a longer, more comfortable life. Broad River Animal Hospital’s designation as a Cat Friendly Practice certifies their ability to provide these services with particular attention to cats’ unique behavioral and medical needs.

Some alarming statistics:

In the US, there are 86 million owned cats and 78 million owned dogs. 
Almost twice as many cats than dogs never visit the veterinarian.
41% of cat owners visit the veterinarian only for vaccinations.
39% of cat owners say they would only take their cat to the veterinarian if the cat was sick.
58% of cat owners report that their cat hates going to the veterinarian.
38% of cat owners’ report they get stressed just thinking about bringing their cat to the practice. 
Studies have shown that older cats visit the veterinarian less often than younger cats and that owners of indoor cats are less likely to place a priority on veterinary care than owners of outdoor cats.

The Cat Friendly Practice like Broad River Animal Hospital provides an opportunity for veterinary practices to increase feline veterinary visits and improve the health and quality of life of cats. Broad River Animal Hospital helps the cat owner to better understand feline behavior, provide pain management when needed, provide stress free boarding and veterinary visits, and actively participate in a cat's individual healthcare plan. In addition to attending to the unique medical, surgical, behavioral and dental care of the feline, Broad River Animal Hospital also minimizes the stress of the visit for both the owner and patient. They utilize proven techniques addressing the distinct needs of cats, providing a facility that is equipped for their unique needs, by a knowledgeable staff and with feline-friendly handling.

Please contact us to set up your wellness visit today at 203-846-3495. We are looking forward to showcasing our AAFP designation as a Pet Friendly Practice and one of a few in the State of Connecticut.

"Often we find it easier to turn a blind eye but this time it took the curiosity and compassion of my three year old to bring a community together,'' Paladino said. "Together we did something about a situation. So many passed by these two and wondered or thought, just as I did. This cause showed that people really do want to help and there is truly still so much good in this world. Norwalk is a wonderful and diverse city with a great sense of community. This cause is honored by the perfect hashtag, #NorwalkCares."

With Friday's donations, the total donated swelled over $5,000 since the page was first launched in January. In addition, people inquired about making donations at Broad River Animal Hospital.