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Meet Our Staff

Michelle "Rita" Margarita


Michelle started working in the veterinary industry at the age of fifteen. Her passion for animals started at a very young age. Over the years she has also ran/managed a large animal shelter and volunteered any several rescue organizations in both Connecticut and North Carolina. She has also done a great deal of rescue/adoption work on her own.

After living in the south Michelle moved back to Connecticut in 2009 to begin her new journey with Broad River Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician.

Michelle has two rescued pets; Fatty and Twofeet. Fatty, a Pitbull was adopted as a four day old baby that needed to be bottle fed while working at a rescue facility. Twofeet is a handicapped tabby cat with twisted limbs who was found outside at 3 months of age. Twofeet has an amazing personality and just became a forever pet. 

Michelle spends time with her pets and also enjoys working out, relaxing, spending time at the beach and hanging out with her loved ones.

Sue Krasnoger


Sue is a "late comer" to the veterinary field. After many years of doing general office work she decided it was time to pursue her passion; working with animals. She started as a part-timer doing bookkeeping for a specialty practice and has now grown into a veterinary assistant at Broad River Animal Hospital.

She lives upstate with her husband, two Italian Greyhounds; Comet and Bailey, a Quaker Parrot whose name is Jake and Chaco a former feline resident of Broad River Animal Hospital.

Johan Buckner


Johan is a loving father of two great kids. He has a diploma from the Automotive Technology Institute and enjoys working on cars in his spare time. He is passionate about animals and enjoys working with them during the day as a veterinary assistant. Johan is a very hard working and always performs with a high degree of professionalism. Johan brings a great sense of humor and believes that laughter is the best medicine for the soul.

Outside of the hospital, Johan enjoys cooking, coaching, playing sports and spending quality time with his family.

Eugene Sterling


Eugene started working in the veterinary animal industry at the age of 24. He is versatile and supports many areas at Broad River Animal Hospital including; client care, veterinary assistant and whatever needs to get done.

Outside of work Eugene has a dog "Granite" who he helped deliver and is now six years old. He also enjoys performing at fire breathing shows in the tri-state area. He also supports CTSART "Connecticut State Animal Response Team" to educate and support search and rescues for animals during natural disaster events. He has been with this practice since August 2015, one of our newest team members.

Technician at Broad River Animal HospitalNicole Blazek, CVT


Nicole stated working in the veterinary industry in the early 90's. Although the majority of her work experience is with small animals, she also worked with avian and exotics while living in New York City.

Since then Nicole has become a certified veterinary technician in the State of Connecticut and has been practicing for nearly 25 years.

Nicole has two pets of her own; Mikey, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whom she considers to be the love of her life and Brittany, her cat.

Outside of work you can find Nicole cooking, kayaking, playing volleyball and going to the beach.

Monica Wilson - Senior Client Care Coordinator

Michele Mason

Ashliann Kattler

Erin Bouffard